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RM-Z450 2010-14, T5 system


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Fits the following bikes:

Suzuki RM-Z 450 '10-14

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Ljuddämpare: aluminium, karbon ände

T-5 Carbon Euro System is constructed of stainless steel throughout the muffler can, header, and mid-pipe areas, and is topped off with a carbon fiber end cap to give it the same aesthetics as the Ti-5, but at a T-5-friendly price point. The asymmetrical muffler configuration maximizes packing volume to ensure sustained performance. Specifically for international customers, the T-5 Euro System meets the FIM 2 meter max sound requirements. 
. Asymmetric muffler design 
. Increased packing volume 
. Aluminum muffler bracket 
. TIG welded 
. RC-4 resonance chamber 
. Machined stainless steel mid-pipe to header joint 
. Carbon fiber end cap 
. Additional silencer packing kit